Sync Programme

ALOADED offers services for sync and placements in video productions for tv, film, games, commercials and more. Our sync team have years and years of experience from working with these things. They put a lot of effort into getting your music in the right context.

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ALOADED Sync Programme is available for all labels connected to our distribution.


Sync & placements – get your music in the best productions.

Our sync team have years and years of experience from working with sync and placements. Music in our catalogue has successfully been placed in productions by major production companies such as HBO, MTV, Showtime, Viacom, Fox, Amazon, France5, SVT, DR and Zentropa.

Placing your music in tv-series, films and similar is a great way to get some well deserved attention and dollars for your release. Although the business of sync has historically been a tough one, our service gives your music a fair chance to actually end up in a blockbuster movie or a Netflix series.

The Sync Programme is top priority for us. Our team is constantly in touch with music supervisors from all over the world. The team receives briefs and requests for specific moods, genres and songs, as well as offers to produce custom written music for productions. If this is of interest to you, you should definitely get in touch with our sync team! Contact your label manager for further information.

Except working close with music supervisors, we can also offer you help with paperwork and contacts. We hold many years of experience dealing with major production companies and studios in the US, Europe and around the world. Knowing your rights and requesting a fair price for your music is crucial to success in this field.

ALOADED’s Sync Programme is available to all labels with an ALOADED distribution deal.
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