The independent solution. Complete distribution, label services and artist career-boosting.

The Independent Solution

Complete distribution, label services and artist career intelligence.

We provide affordable and professional distribution with loads of add-ons and fun. We love working with the smallest debut artist as well as long time established labels. We deliver your music to all leading music stores.

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Career-boosting for artists

We help you find new opportunities that will boost your career. We have direct access to the most influential labels, A&Rs and music supervisors in the world. We keep a close watch on all releases we distribute and are happy to help. Join us today!


More than just distribution

ALOADED builds solid long-lasting artists and labels. We offer traditional distribution as well as new tools and insights for connecting with a larger fan base. As the independent music scene is experiencing an enormous growth, the possibilities for DIY artists are now endless. Let us be your cicerone in this new terrain of music, data and technology. 

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Truly independent 

This is an initiative for the independent music community. We're a modern distribution and promotion company, building careers and creating a network of labels, managements and artists from all over the world. 

We provide affordable and professional distribution with loads of add-ons and fun. We love working with the smallest debut artist as well as long time established labels.



Full label support & distribution

We know signing up to a new distributor is not something you do every day. Here's why we believe it's worth it this time: You stay independent and save money with our deals. You work with people who truly understand the joy/struggle of running an indie label. You join a network of like-minded. Your streaming numbers can increases with our extensive playlist promotion and extra services. Read more


Self publishing for artists

We offer fast and reliable music distribution for established artists & bands – giving you access to a worldwide audience. Get your music up on all leading stores; Spotify, Apple Music, Dezeer, Tidal, Pandora, Amazon etc. We promise you the best service available to the most competitive price. And with us you stay 100% independent. You can use ALOADED as a label, or start your own. Artist start here.

Start your own label

Artists, take control over your career and start your own label. We can help you set it up immediately. We have done this ourselves, and know all the tricks. Do you want to do all parts by yourself, or do you need any help from our network of creatives and industry professionals? Your decision. We provide you with all the tools you need to get your first releases out. Now's the time to give it a try! Start here.


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Blood Music + First Aid Kit


CASE. Blood Music collaborated with First Aid Kit on the single 'Glad That You Called'. Together they've touched millions of hearts. Listen to this amazing polychromatic release. Listen




CASE. The Swedish indie duo Wy released their debut album 'Okay' during the fall of 2017. It was voted one of the best albums of the year by influential blogs around the world. Listen

Erik Jonasson


CASE. The start of Erik Jonasson's career is a real dream-come-true story. The debut single, ›Like a Funeral‹ took the world by storm and has been streamed more than 5 million times. Listen

Photo: Covers from the Hybris catalogue, a label distributed by ALOADED.