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The Independent Solution

Complete distribution, label services and release promotion.

We offer professional label services for independent artists and labels. Digital distribution, release promotion, playlist pitch, vinyl sales, sync, back-office and loads of add-ons. We deliver your music and help you in what comes next.

Label Services | Release Promotion

What We Do

Digital Distribution
Vinyl Distribution & Sales
Promotion & Press
Vinyl Pressing
Playlist Plugging
Merchandise & Posters
Visual Identity & Social Media
Label & Artist Development
… and more 

Label Services & Promotion

We build solid long-lasting artists and labels. We offer digital and physical distribution, press & promotion, as well as powerful tools and insights for reaching a larger fan base.

Let us be your cicerone in this new terrain of music, PR, sync, data and technology. We work with labels and artists in all genres and sizes – from all over the world. The independent music scene is experiencing an enormous growth and the possibilities are now enormous.  

We love working with emerging artists as well as established labels new and old.

Truly Independent

Stop feeding the Majors! Most music distributors of today are directly or indirectly owned by three (3) major music corporations. We are different. For us, being independent matters. We care about keeping the game fair and democratic.

ALOADED is 100% independent. ALOADED was created by, and for, the independent music community. We're building a network of independent labels, artists, studios, managements and music companies from all over the world. 

We re-invest our profit in new infrastructure and opportunities for the future of independent music. Read our story here.


What can we do for you?

Have a look at our Label Services or go check the Promotional Offers for independent artists & labels.


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