Start your own label

As an established artist, it’s easier than ever to claim your work and take control over your career. We are happy to guide you through the process of setting up your very own label.

We provide you with the best tools in the industry, years and years of experience, promotion packages and hands on assistance with the administration. Complete the form below to apply for our help.


Please note. This service is created for artists/labels with a minimum of 250 000 streams per year. If your streaming numbers are lower, we will have to charge you a fee of €150 per year.

For smaller and niche artists, we offer services for self-publishing (without a label login) via our sister service It’s a great way to get your music out there for a small fee. Go to and you can always upgrade you to a full label account later.


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Please note: If your account won’t reach 200.000 streams we will have to charge you a fee of €100 per year.
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