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It’s easier than ever to claim your catalogue and take control over your rights. ALOADED guides you through the process of setting up your very own label.

From an artist’s perspective, labels can really do wonders for a career in the world of music. They can put you in a context, share their know-how – and of course do all the hard work. But the good ones are hard to catch. Fortunately it's 2019 and the tools you need to do it all by yourself are right here. So, if you are ready we will roll up our sleeves – we’re here to help! Bands & artists – big and small, in all genres – have already proved it's possible. Complete the form below to proceed.


Take control of your career! Release and promote your own music. Keep all the rights.
We're here to assist you.

Please note. This service is created for artists/labels with a minimum of 200 000 streams a year. If your account won’t reach that, we will have to charge you a fee of €120 per year.

We also offer services for self-publishing (without a label login) for smaller and emerging artists. It’s a good way to start. Go to and we can always upgrade you to an ALOADED account later.


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Please note: If your account won’t reach 200.000 streams we will have to charge you a fee of €100 per year.
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