This Is Head - The Album ID [Vinyl]

This Is Head - The Album ID [Vinyl]


Artist: This Is Head
Title: The Album ID
Label: Adrian Recordings
Catalogue: ENKELT003
Format: 12” Vinyl
Release date
: 2013

Track listing:
1. Staring Lenses
2. Illumination
3. Castaway
4. A B-version
5. XVI
6. Time's an Ocean
7. Summertime
8. Repetition
9. Into the Belly of Mount Miff
10. If I

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Chanting choruses, high-pitched choirs, violins and strong emotional expression are blended with the sound of crickets, cowbells and gentle, rolling waves of synth. Every second has its own sound.

With “The Album ID”, This Is Head seem to have created a record touched by a magical glow, but built on damned hard graft.

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