This Is Head - Repetition [Vinyl]

This Is Head - Repetition [Vinyl]


Artist: This Is Head
Title: Repetition
Label: Adrian Recordings, Enkelt & Rundgång Rekords
Catalogue: ENKELT004, ar7” 164
Format: 7” Vinyl single
Release date: 2013

Track listing:
1. Repetition Slow
2. Repetition Dance

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While listening to This is Head’s ”Repetition” from their second album ”The Album ID” the attentive quality-listener can hear a couple of things. You can hear that it’s one hell of a smoky rocker in that pure direction. You can also hear that within the song there are two completely incompatible elements, one adhesive dance vain which lures the listener into dancing like no one was watching until the sun sets, if wasn’t for the other element, the ambient singing birds. In the original version you get it all served in perfect balance. But one can also serve it as This Is Head does on this new Single. Here the listener gets the song separated into different parts. One ambient version, complete with field recordings from their latest Germany tour, and the hypnotic dance version to get all lost in.

We invite you to join us in This Is Head’s workshop.

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