Ştiu Nu Ştiu - Sick Sad Love [Vinyl]

Ştiu Nu Ştiu - Sick Sad Love [Vinyl]


Artist: Ştiu Nu Ştiu
Title: Sick Sad Love
Label: Widsith Records
Catalogue#: WID010
Format: 12” Black vinyl
Release date: 2019-11-01

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On their third album, Știu Nu Știu takes each mood to its extreme, and refines it even further. The ugly is uglier, the sweet is sweeter, the nasty is nastier, the beauty is more beautiful and the broken is even more destroyed. This is not an imitation of the past, meant to milk already defined genres of whatever life they have left. This music is what happens when people lock themselves in a small room and try to be human together the only way they know how: to create music. For the sake of making it exist, and thereby help themselves exist. Some songs were written long ago, some we’re barely finished
when they were recorded. When the recordings started there was ice on the trees outside the studio, and when it was done the sun was killing them with the hottest summer in one hundred years.

Three different singers are heard on the album, Mirella Hautala, Frida Herchenröther and Jessica Mengarelli. Jessica Mengarelli sings on most tracks and remains the main singer for the band
for the future. It was recorded in an old house in the countryside outside Uppsala, Sweden, once again engineered by Olle Bilius, mixed by Kurt Ball at God City Studio, Salem, Massachusetts, US, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Stockhom, Sweden.

Track listing:
1. Trä
2. Sibirien
3. Aorta
4. Acropolis
5. Släck fyrarna
6. Black Oak Memoirs
7. This Poisonous Dream
8. Asphalt
9. Sick Sad Love

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