Snuffed by the Yakuza - Get Snuffed [Vinyl]

Snuffed by the Yakuza - Get Snuffed [Vinyl]


Artist: Snuffed by the Yakuza
Title: Get Snuffed
Label: <1000
Catalogue: <1000001
Format: 12” Green Vinyl
Release date: June 14, 2019

Track listing:
1. My Society
2. Street Trash
3. Turn It Up Louder
4. When The Heart Attacks
5. Trippin’
6. Get Snuffed
7. Night Train
8. Gang War
9. Born To Live To Die
10. She’s Working Out For Me
11. Hate You All
12. I Am The Zoo
13. We Kill
14. Paid The Cost

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Heavy but accessible. Skate punk-ish but not that kind they sell you at the toy store, this is real music! Title track ”Get Snuffed” is straight forward cowbell-powered pop-punk for any playlist in need of a fast hit.

Lee De Parade describes the Snuffed by the Yakuza sound:

“Fast, choppy, staccato. Not very warm or arty, well what can you say? We play adhd-rock that’s fun without being so f****g worn out”

Snuffed by the Yakuza have released five albums previously. Their latest album ”Everybody’s gonna die tonight” was released back in 2006 and nominated for the prestigious swedish radio P3 Guld award. Trippin’ EP is their first new music in over 11 years. A new album will drop soon.

"Crime and punishment, salvation thru suffering.

Being a beat band, walking the street band, get in the backseat band.

Bad band, good band.

A back from the dead band."

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