Sara Parkman - Vesper [Vinyl]

Sara Parkman - Vesper [Vinyl]


Artist: Sara Parkman
Title: Vesper
Label: Supertraditional
Catalogue: SUPERTRAD002
Format: 12” Black vinyl
Release date: 2019-11-01

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Sara Parkman is the perfect mix of Vikings and Berghain - folklore, heavy beats, Hildegard von Bingen, gregorian chants and dirty violins all come together in her unique sound. Over the passed five years she has established herself as one of Sweden’s most interesting contemporary folk musicians with two full-length albums and collaborations with Fever Ray och Bob Hund.

Track listing:
1. Jag ropar
2. Valven
3. Öppna spjäll
4. Vreden
5. Ing-Maries vals
6. Jag ropar (Kyrie eleison)
7. Kyrie / Sjung, syster sjung!
8. Segel
9. Ediths låt
10. Förgäves uppå stigen
11. Antropocen
12 (vi går hem)

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