Ramverk - Falling + Remixes [Vinyl]

Ramverk - Falling + Remixes [Vinyl]


Artist: Ramverk
Title: Falling + Remixes
Label: No Bad Days Music
Catalogue: NBD001
Format: 12” Black vinyl
Release date: 2019-10-25

Track listing:

1. Falling
2. Falling (Sky Above Remix)
3. Falling (Rasmus Faber Remix)
4. Falling (Markus Enochson Remix)

Music. Movement. Magic.

Music has always been essential to Hugo Therkelson and Alex Maksic, two former professional dancers who met in their youth as students at The Royal Swedish Ballet School. While dancing for different Opera houses all over Europe, their first musical collaboration, Evolver, took shape. The diamond-in-the-rough magic from Hugo’s electronic workstation resulted in the polished 2005 album “Sparkling City Sounds”, featuring the radio hit single “Love Confidential”.

“Dance and music are two separate forces that both claim their space.”

Different directions in life eventually had the group dissolve. Hugo had a family to look after and started to produce music for dance projects, films and commercials. Meanwhile, Alex continued to develop his songwriting skills in other projects.

12 years later, the friends reunited at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since they had last seen each other, Hugo had refined his producing skills, while Alex had grown as a singer. Their similarity in vision and craving for writing new material was undeniable. Overnight, another electronic baby was born. They called it Ramverk.

“The spark comes from crafting the songs in the studio, but we hope to incorporate elements from the performing arts dance scene in our shows.”

Aligned and finally arrived, the two creative minds invite you to a musical adventure in a world of their own. And this time around, you’ll be the one dancing.

Limited edition sleeve design by Jonas Hellström. Printed in 250 copies.

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