RA - Scandinavia [Vinyl]

RA - Scandinavia [Vinyl]


Artist: RA
Title: Scandinavia
Label: Adrian Recordings
Format: 12” Vinyl
Release date: March 11, 2015

Track listing:
1. These Days
2. In My Veins
3. The Void 
4. Be My Lover
5. Scandinavia
6. Bloodline 
7. Broken Bottles 
8. Prism
9. The South
10. Winter 2012

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RA sound like they have plugged their instruments straight into a small boom box placed on a festival camping in the 80th. Sheets of noise propelled along by dark pounding bass, tribal drumming and guitars that aren’t afraid of feedback, all topped off with the doom-like vocals of prime-time gloom. 

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