PAL - Since [Vinyl]

PAL - Since [Vinyl]


Artist: PAL
Title: Since
Label: Paltunes
Catalogue: PT06
Format: 12” Black Vinyl
Release date: March 13, 2015

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When PAL started to work on their second album the intension was to keep the mellow feeling of previous ”Weeks” but make everything a little bit wider and bigger than the minimalistic debut. This had been a natural progress since PAL had turned from a solo-project by Albin Johansson to be a band involving bassplayer Cristoffer Csanady (Astromike Gordon) and drummer Adam Hjertström (Adam Evald, Forest & Crispian). These two talented musicians had add a jazzy touch to Albin's dreamy electropop.

Starting to play together as a band the songs instrumental parts also got a bigger space. A PAL song often start like a regular pop song but soon turn into instrumental parts with rhythmical layers and pads of synthesizers and guitars. The Danish music magazine GAFFA called it ”A polyrhythmic hypnose” in a review.

In 2011/2012 PAL toured in Germany with Malmö-artists Solander and Big Fox. Another cooperation in the local music scene was one year later when PAL made a remix of Alice Boman's song ”Waiting” that became licensed to the several tv-dramas s.a. ”Glue” and "Transparent".

“Tips” Håkan Engström, Sydsvenskan (SWE)

“The album is amazing!” Klaus Fiehe, WDR1 Live (DE, Public radio)

“We just love how they have put weight and energy on the beautiful instruments you will hear through the whole song” - Nordic by Nature, blog (DE)

5/6 “Breezy, dreamy and pleasent” - Nordische Musik, blog (DE)

7/10 - Nicorola, blog (DE)

“An unusual mix, creating a relaxing atmosphere and space for your own thoughts” - Schwulissimo, magazine (DE)

“ Verträumt und verschlafen, schwermütig und federleicht – irgendwie ist die Musik von PAL alles gleichzeitig” - Zeit Online, Newspaper (DE)

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