Levande Död - Upp till kramp

Levande Död - Upp till kramp


Artist: Levande Död
Title: Upp Till Kramp
Label: Happiest Place Records
Catalogue#: HP06
Format: 12” Black vinyl
Release date: 2019-07-19

The debut album of Sweden's Levande Död is maybe the strongest album you will hear in 2019, because it definitely wasn't the one when it was released in 2017 - just for the fact that you didn't hear it! Songs about destructive mindsets, outsiders and the realities of the countryside - 44 glorious minutes crammed onto two sides of black vinyl!

The album, unlike the original recording, now also contains the tracks of the more or less non-existent cassette "blod & eld" to completely portray the times which the album was written in.

Graphics by Elin Östling.
Covers by Andreas Östling.

Track listing:
1. Igel av kaliber
2. Högsbo forever
3. Allt är förjävligt
4. Playa De Las Vistas Story
5. Nyvåld
6. Ringön guld
7. Tervajärvi
8. Kristaller och knogjärn
9. Tändvätska
10. Snörök
11. Öknen kommer
12. Kallocain
13. Weekend i Luleå

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