FARIDA - Shoot/Last Waltz [Vinyl]

FARIDA - Shoot/Last Waltz [Vinyl]


Artist: FARIDA
Title: Shoot/Last Waltz EP
Label: Model Citizen
Catalogue: ALD0019B
Format: 12” Vinyl EP
Release date: May 24, 2019

Track listing:
1. Shoot
2. Last Waltz

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Death, guilt, pleasure and vengeance are all parts of FARIDAS gloomy but captivating universe. With drony synths, doomy and monotonous bass, jagged guitars, hypnotic and explosive drums FARIDA travels a twilight path between the suggestive and the primitive. Live, Jenny FARIDA tells her stories of horror, angst, rage and lust with a nerve and presence as if each time was the first or last.

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