Delagoon - S/T [Vinyl]

Delagoon - S/T [Vinyl]


Artist: Delagoon
Title: Delagoon
Label: Hybris
Catalogue: HYBR311
Format: 12” Vinyl
Release date: May 17, 2019

Track listing:
1. Time
2. Ideology
3. Fire
4. Gum
5. New Sensation
6. Shimmering
7. Star
8. Red Light

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The dark and messy, yet polished sound made the more obscure Swedish indie-media weep tears of joy and made Delagoon the name on everyone's lips. During the following year they continued to deliver smoking hot singles that received overwhelming response in Swedish and international media such as The Forumist, Hero Magazine and german Kaltblut. In 2017 a bomb was dropped over Stockholm as the band's flagship EP New Sensation was released. It has since then been in constant rotation on every pale ale drinking hipsters record player and leaked out through the doors of boarded up teenage bedrooms from London to Mexico City. After two long years of intense touring around Europe Delagoon's first album will finally be released in spring 2019, and will lead the Swedish music scene into a bright, yet dark future.

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