Promotional Services

We help you get attention for your releases. Our Stockholm based PR team knows what really counts. Online/offline media, radio, influencers, social media, playlists etc. ALOADED offers promo packages for all type of budgets and campaigns.

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More than anything else, getting media attention is hard work. Let’s get started!


ALOADED — PR Packages 2019
Find our listed packages and prices below. Get in touch for more info on our custom solutions. We are here to guide you through the process of promotion and marketing.

Single Promo

Promotion for one single. Focus on online media and Swedish press & radio. Follow-ups and reporting.

from 5.000 SEK (€500)

Album Promo

Promotion for one album, with 2-3 singles included. Focus on online media and Swedish press & radio. Follow-ups and reporting.

from 25.000 SEK (€2.500)

Extended Promo

Album and singles. Focus on internatinoal online media and press. We reach out to approx 2000 contacts. Focus on 20 international publications/blogs (selected together with you).

from 30.000 SEK (€3.000)


ALOADED can easily tailor a package for you, based on your budget and focusterritories.

Ready to rumble? Talk to your label manager or send us an email,, to get things rolling.


Playlist Promotion


Getting added to playlists is what matters in 2019, right? At least it's one way to reach out to new fans around the world. To reach those streams and dollars. We have a team of people who have made it their mission to get you on the largest playlists of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer etc.

Pitching your music to the largest digital services is included in all ALOADED Distribution and PR deals. Our deal for “Playlist Promotion” is an extended offer with personal contacts and reaching out to the editors of all playlists of interest for your release.


Radio Plugging

Radio rotation is super important to reach out in many territories. And some of them also comes with huge royalty payouts to labels and songwriters. Getting a song on rotation, on radio channels that really matters, are of great importance for many labels and artists. Our network of radio pluggers are here to help. Get in touch for more info.


Social Media

Need help with your social media profiles and feeds? We have a in-house team, as well as a professional network of people, who work with these things all day every day. We believe they have the magic formula on how to get real followers, likes and support from your community of new and old fans. Get in touch for more info.


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