Labels, get on board!

Switching distributor is probably not on the top of your todo-list. Here's why it should be:
Less administration, more creativity, more streams.

We're not your regular distributor, we care about so much more. Sure we deliver your music fast and safe to all streaming and download services – and provide you with all the tools you need. But that’s not all, we're here to make real change. We're creating a sustainable infrastructure for the future of independent music.

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Stop feeding the majors. Unite with a network of like-minded. Help build a better music industry.

aloaded delivers to all music services

Complete distribution. Fast and correct – to all platforms.

Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Youtube Music, Beatport, Shazam, Amazon, QQmusic in China etc etc. We deliver your music fast and safe to all streaming and download services worth mentioned. Full list.

Team up with us for a more personal, yet professional, distribution service. We are always looking for new interesting labels.


We offer the Industry's best prices – and a human touch

A truly competitive deal, a secure and long lasting service –available to all labels. Apply or get in touch, we're happy to tell you all about it!

On top of it all, we give you a deeper insight and a helping hand with your daily life as a label. As a distributor, as a fellow companion, as a network of like-minded who shares information & inspiration. 



Stop feeding the Majors,
go truly independent. 

Don't let the Majors have a cut of your work. Most distributors are directly or indirectly owned by the three (3) major music corporations. We are different. For us, being independent matters.

We re-invest all profit in new infrastructure and opportunities available only to the independents. Find out what we care about here.



Why labels choose ALOADED

A helping hand in your daily life as a label. As a distributor, as a fellow companion, as a network of like-minded who shares information & inspiration.

We know changing distributor is not something you do every day.
Here's why we believe it's worth it this time: 

► You stay independent.

► You save money with a better deal. 

► You work with a company that truly supports and re-invest in the independent music & art scene. 

► You work with people who understand the joy/struggle of running an independent record label with high ambitions. 

► You receive creative help and business development from ALOADED and our network of like-minded. 

We help you collect more revenue from neighbouring rights.

► We help you with the transition from your current distributor.






How to switch to ALOADED

1. Apply for a label account here.

2. We get back with our offer. Hopefully, you will find it very attractive.

3. Take a look at your current distributor deal. Is it exclusive? Do you have a termination period?
If you need help with the legals, let us know.

4. We sign the deal and voila – we're in business together.

5. Next step is to get your music imported to our system. We'll get you a login to our platform and set you up with all you need. Depending on your catalogue size, there are different ways of importing your content.

5. Once uploaded and delivered, the transition is complete and all statistics/counts from e.g. your Spotify plays will be transferred to your new uploads.


Manage and analyse your releases from the login

Our powerful platform for labels is handcrafted by the leading tech team in the music industry.

Login and upload, edit, analyse, manage and promote your music with ease. Learn more about our platform and our tools & features below. 

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A network of like-minded

When running a label, help and inspiration from others can be of the essence. We're building a network of like-minded – labels in the same position and size as yours, people that can help you grow as a label and help you solve your daily tasks. There's huge advantage to be explored here. 

Technologies of tomorrow 

Things are happening now. Old systems break, new routines are introduced at a high pace. We aim to take lead in this shift. We experiment on new technologies, blockchain, decentralised ownership, ai and open-source currencies. Objective: helping indies experience real sustainable growth.

Get more playlists

We have personal contact with Playlist editors and teams around the world. For all kinds of music and moods. Getting added to a certain playlist might change everything for an artist. It can boost careers and change lives. With us you'll raise your chances and possibilities to the max.      


Neighbouring rights

Collecting neighbouring rights is a mess out of proportions, especially in the US. To fully understand the laws and regulations connected to these copyrights requires a whole lot of expertise and hard work. We can help you collect what is legally yours.

Youtube Monetization

The world's largest platform for music does not play by the same rules as the other streaming platforms. To actually receive larger revenues from Youtube, we all need to step up our game. Together we can help each other improve our results in this complicated process.

Sync for TV & film 

We have years of experience from working with sync and placements. Music we represent has successfully been placed in productions by HBO, MTV, Showtime, Viacom, Fox, France5, SVT, DR and many others. We would love to represent your songs as well.