Common mistakes during the upload process

To help get you started these are some common things we ourselves always make sure to eye twice.

1. Contributors: Composer + Lyricist must be filled in. "Producer" is optional. Never mind the rest. Spotify and other services does not care about musicians, arrangers, performers etc.

2. Contributors: Do not use "Performer" as a roll in contributors.

3. Chose the language of Performance. This is needed when delivering the release to Apple Music & iTunes. Simply enter the language of the lyrics on each track. If it is instrumental, chose "instrumental".

4. Enter publishers even if the song is un-published. Enter the name on each songwriter (composer/lyricist) and then the publisher. If it is un published type "Copyright Control".

5. Do not add the remixer as a featured artist. The remixer should be entered under "Contributor" and then "Roll: Remixer".

What do you need help with?

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