The independent solution for record labels, new and old. An opposing force to conglomerates and conformity.


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What we bring to the table 

Our top priorities: To create opportunities and solid economical models for independent artists and labels. To support the future of independent music with sustainable infrastructure, tools and knowledge.

ALOADED was created to serve independent labels, managements, artists and bands with fair values, sustainable business models and by pushing new technologies & approaches to create, distribute and promote music. 

Today we have with over 700 artists in our catalogue, and distributing music to 300+ streaming platforms and download stores, all around the world. We serve artists and labels in all sizes and genres. We build & support the independent music industry.

The independent music scene has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, and the possibilities to work independently are now massive. We offer a wide range of solutions that gives artists and indie labels better control over their future.

Most distributors available today are direct or in-direct owned by the few major corporations, ALOADED being an exception. For us, being independent really matters. As an independent company we set our own goals and we fully control our agenda and vision.

Together with our roster of labels and artists we offer a large palette of tools, a network of like-minded, a more sustainable business model and an opportunity to be part of the future of independent music.


Why we do it

We stand up for the independent artists and labels. And the distribution options were running out.

We are the reaction to the music industry being concentrated in the hands of three (3) major corporations. ALOADED is 100% independent, meaning no major corporations are involved at any stage. We are the opposing force to conglomerates and conformity. We keep the game fair and democratic — and we're open for everyone.

We salute all people involved in the process of creating music and building careers – from the studio engineer and the cover-artwork designer, to the composers, lyricists, label people, musicians and the front singers.

We believe independent music is vital for a flourishing cultural climate. It's always from the independents where true game-changing culture begins, never from the top. It's just the way it's always been, from the early days of pop culture til today. 

ALOADED was created to serve independent labels, managements, artists and bands with fair values, a transparent business model and by welcoming new technologies & approaches to creating, distributing and promoting music. 


What we work on

Everything, all at once. Things are happening, now. Old systems break, new systems and routines are introduced at a high pace. ALOADED approves of this change, we welcome it – we are here to speed it up. Right now ALOADED Labs / are experimenting on how to implement blockchain technologies, decentralised ownership, ai-support and open-source currencies into our services and products, to support the independent music scene even more.

We are on the barricades of new technology and our aim is to be a distributor bringing real economic change to the artists, creators and independent labels of the world.


Who we are

We come from a label background. We know the craft by nature. We’ve experienced the joy/struggle/excitement of running a label, of being fully responsible for turning artistic talent and into long lasting careers. We understand the meaning of ’keep the costs down’ as well as ‘let’s go for it!’. We know it’s hard work, and we are here to support.

We are the fans, the followers. The ones at the front row of your gig. The ones who click 'like' on your updates. The ones who generate your streaming numbers, buy your records and share your playlists. We are the fans of a vibrant and generous music climate.

Members of our team entered the music industry in the early 00s, a time when major corporations spent more time and money on suing fans and consumers than on signing new artists, self-reflection or on finding solid business models. We came from a different direction; we were music fans first – industry and business people second. And we've spent the last decade working for true change in this climate.

Setting up ALOADED and building an international platform for independent digital distribution was unavoidable. There were simply no alternatives left, no one good enough to believe in.



Where to find us

ALOADED, Bondegatan 21. Stockholm

ALOADED, Hyregatan 7. Malmö

ALOADED, 68 Bel-Air Avenue, Bel-Air on The Peak, Wah Fu
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