Autosound - S/T [Vinyl]

Autosound - S/T [Vinyl]


Artist: Autosound
Title: Autosound
Label: Rundgång Rekords
Catalogue: RR073
Format: 12” Black Vinyl
Release date: May 17, 2019

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Track listing:
1. Green Stuff
2. Black Box Recording
3. Upside Down
4. Architects’ Lines
5. Landscape
6. Leave Me Alone
7. Moonshine

Hypnotic and shiny 1 st Album from AUTOSOUND. The selftitled LP is recorded 2017 at Autosounds Rehersal Space at Musikens Hus in Gothenburg. The Album is a first take recording session of 7 tracks. The music is created from the bands spontaneous outbursts and raga-like improvisations, without any pre-arranged notes or lyrics. Desire for this long awaited Psychedelic Post–Punk band from the harbor district of Gothenburg, Sweden. Auto – Magic soundscapes appear. Visual dream projections to go. 


John Essing- Synthesizer, Guitar (Bob hund)

Per Svensson- Vocals, Guitar (The New Alchemy/Kingdom of Evol)

Henrik Rylander – Drums (Union Carbide/Kingdom of Evol)

Adam Wladis- Bass (Union Carbide/Kingdom of Evol)

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