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The independent solution. Complete distribution, promotion and label services.

Independent Label Services

We offer label services for independent artists & labels. Digital and physical distribution, creative assistance, visionary insights, back-office solutions and more. We are here to help you in your everyday life as a label.


Join us in creating a better music industry. We offer services for labels and artists in all stages.


The Independent Solution

Complete Digital Distribution for Artists & Labels

We deliver your music to leading stores all over the world. Our technology is used daily by over 100 labels and we have more than 1000 artists in our catalogue. We deliver your music correct, fast and safe.


Your songs in over 200 stores. The very core of our business is digital distribution. Complete, fast and correct. We deliver your music to all leading DSPs in the world; Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube Music, Beatport, Shazam, Amazon, Tencents QQmusic, Tidal and more. See full list here.

Used daily by more than 100 labels from all over the world. Our technology is used daily by over 100 labels from all over the world. The Platform us built by the leading tech team in the music industry. We deliver, host and control your music and metadata. And we are always looking for new interesting artists and labels.

Fast deliveries. When time is of the essence, we can have your release available on most digital music services within 2-7 days. Some even faster. Simply upload your release in the Label Platform and let us take care of the rest.

ALOADED Label Platform. Our powerful Label Platform is handcrafted by the leading tech team in the music industry. Login, upload, edit, analyse, manage and promote your music with ease. The support team helps you get to know the procedure and upload your first releases. 

100% independent.
Don't let the Majors have a cut of your royalties. Most distributors are controlled by the three (3) major music corporations. For us, being independent matters. Read our story here.


More than data.
There are so much more to ALOADED’s digital distribution than just delivering master files to streaming services. We help you get the most out of your releases. We help you build a solid fanbase.


Playlist Pitching included for priority tracks. As your digital distributor – getting you music on playlists are one of our top priorities. We want your music to get attention. We have close connections with DSPs and playlist editors around the world. Complete your playlist marketing with our Playlist Promotion and PR offers.

Personal Support. Our support team will help you with all your concerns regarding the uploading procedure, your content, the meta data and more. We are professionals on all technical aspects of releasing and delivering music.

Sync Programme included. We offer services for music placements in TV-series, movies, games and commercials. Our sync team presents your songs to music supervisors from all over the world. Read more below.

Neighbouring Rights. Collecting neighbouring rights is a mess out of proportions, especially in the US. To fully understand the laws and regulations connected to these copyrights requires a whole lot of expertise and hard work. We can help you collect what is legally yours.

We’re building a network. When running a label, help and inspiration from others can be of the essence. We're building a network of like-minded independent labels. People that understands your concerns and issues, people that can help you grow and help you solve those daily tasks.


Why labels join our digital distribution 


► 100% independent

► Powerful analytics and insights

► Free playlist pitch for your priority releases

► Personal support

► Access to ALOADED’s price-list when ordering vinyl, merch & posters


►  Sync Programme for placements in TV, video & film

► We help you collect royalties from neighbouring rights in US & Mexico

► You work with a team that truly understands the joy/struggle of running an independent music label


► Access to our PR team

► Share ideas, inspiration, and concerns, get feedback and creative help from the network

► You join a great community of independent labels

► Access to Label Services


Representing an established label?
Apply for a label account

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Daily data from top streaming services

Analytics & Insights

Better data means better decisions. Access full release and playlist insights from Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Pandora and more.

We present even more data than what’s available in your Spotify Analytics and Spotify for Artist accounts. Filter by artists, release, track, territory, DSP, Playlist, device or whatever suits your needs today. Accessible to all labels in our Label Platform.

Our powerful Label Platform is handcrafted by the leading tech team in the music industry.


We Love Records

Physical Distribution and Vinyl Sales.

We distribute independent music by independent labels. Having difficulties getting your album into the records stores? Let us handle your physical distribution.

The art of releasing music on vinyl is of great importance to many labels and artists around the world. We keep your catalogue in stock and will pitch it to our network of stores and international distribution. In addition to this we retail your products through the ALOADED web shop. Our solution for vinyl distribution evolved from the vinyl productions we supply and was highly requested by labels and artists. We are always looking to expand both our catalogue and our network of distributors and record stores.

Need help with your artist mailorder? Need help setting up your own shop or sending out orders from your website or bandcamp store? We’re happy to assist.


Music for film & video

Sync & placements

Offered to all labels & artists connected to our digital distribution. We place music in TV, video, film, games, commercials, marketing and beyond. Our sync team have years of experience in Music Supervision and Licensing.

Sync is a great way to get some well deserved attention and dollars. Music in our catalogue has successfully been placed in productions by major production companies such as HBO, MTV, Showtime, Viacom, Fox, Amazon, France5, SVT, DR and Zentropa. The Sync Programme is top priority for us. Our team is constantly in touch with music supervisors from all over the world.

Knowing your rights and requesting a fair price for your music is crucial to success in this field. If this is of interest to you, you should definitely get in touch with our sync team.


Go independent

Are you an artist at a tipping point of your career?

We’ve designed our label services to easily be adopted by you. We support artists that already have solid streaming figures and a genuine fanbase to go independent. You probably have ideas about reaching out to an even wider audience; thoughts about promotion, sync and physical distribution; thoughts about how to secure playlist adds for future releases, as well as administrational issues and collecting copyrights? We are happy to assist.


Vinyl | Merchandise | Posters

Let us handle your vinyl pressings, posterproductions and merchandise products. Great quality, fast deliveries and easy logistics. All to very nice prices.


Vinyl Pressing

Pressing vinyl for all your needs. ALOADED is a preferred partner to Copenhagen’s finest pressing plant – RPM Records. Together we offer outstanding machinery, committed employees and a smooth process.

Check our prices for 12” and 7” here.

Merch Print & Distribution

T-Shirts, Tote bags and more. We handle your merch orders from start to finish. Need t-shirts, bags and hoodies for your tour or web shop? Need design help as well? You’ve come to the right place.

Check our prices for tees, bags and more.

Poster Print & Posting

Get your message up there. Looking for exposure in the physical world? We are here to help you with your poster productions and handling. Let us handle all your printing, logistics and/or your physical marketing.

Check out or prices for posters & postering


Graphics & Visual identity

Visual Identity & design for your artists and campaigns.

Let our network of art directors and designers improve your communication. Identity, branding and graphics is what they do. Get in touch for a price quote


The Perfect Cover.
The Artwork on album & single covers have a huge impact on peoples music listening in the digital era. We have some of the best and most experienced designers for music in our network. Always delivering crystal sharp designs with direction from you.

The Artist website. Websites for artists have changed a lot over the last couple of years. Profiles in Social Media and on the streaming platforms, have an essential role today. But the official website can still make a huge difference for an artist and really make you stand out.

Logo & Visual identity. Branding, branding, branding.. is that really necessary in the world of independent music? That’s of course up to you to decide, but most artists cares deeply about their visual language and have a clear vision of what to express. We can help you turn that vision into design.

Posters for gigs and releases.
Looking for exposure in the physical world? We are here to help you with your poster productions and handling. It all stats with the design – but we can also handle printing, logistics and/or your physical marketing. Read more here


Lyric videos. Poor man's music video? Well no! The lyric video has feelings too. Youtube is huge for music fans, and to have your song searchable is of great importance. Creating a simple lyric video with your bands special profile is a great way to find new fans and followers. 

Music videos. Some might say music videos died with MTV. Most of us know that is not the case. The impact of a great music video still matters hugely. There's a lot of great examples out there. We have some really interesting and experienced video makers in our network.

Social media strategy. Need help with your social media profiles and feeds? We have a professional network of people who work with these things all day every day. We believe they have the magic formula for how to get real followers, likes and support from your community.


Administration & Consulting

Back Office solutions, so you can concentrate on the fun.

As a label owner, artist, or part of an artist team, your day is most likely a balancing act between working on creative and fun stuff, versus doing administrational work and all those “must do’s”. You want your releases to be as successful as possible, but there’s not enough time to turn all ideas into actions. That’s where we come in, a collaboration with ALOADED could be a helping hand – we have a team of experienced people ready to assist you.

Need help running your label?
We can be your back-office or administrational departement; handling your accounting, statements, legal issues, copyright services and help you with business development. Our team provides reporting and analysis to help you make strategic decisions based on data, facts and trends. It can be difficult dealing with strategic decisions – we’re here to guide you in the right direction.

Music Production

Need help or inspiration with your masters?

We have some of Sweden’s best studios in pur network. They can help you record, mix and/or master your tracks.


Mastering your songs.
We offer professional mastering from studios that we highly recommend. Perfect for both ‘high-end’ recordings and ‘do-it-yourselfers’. They will make your recordings ready for digital and physical distribution — and make it sound better than ever!


Record or mix your release.
We know it’s hard to find the right people for your production. We have a network of studios, producers and recording engineers that we happily share and recommend to our labels.

Let us know what you’re looking for!



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